Esenler Municipality

    Atışalanı and Esenler kept their status of being villages until 1970. Esenler County has been connected to İstanbul Municipality by the law of connecting some municipalities to İstanbul in 1970 and continued to operate as a branch office of the İstanbul Municipality until 1984.
After the embodiment realized after the local elections held in 1984, it served as a branch office of the Bakırköy Municipality. 
Esenler connected to Güngören County between the years of 1992 and 1994 following the separation of Bakırköy County and gained the qualification of county with the law no.3949 dated 27/12/1993. The County Municipal Organization was rebuilt as from March 27th, 1994. Esenler Municipality serves the people of Esenler by adopting social municipalism principles and focusing on satisfaction of people as of this date.

    Esenler Municipality currently continues to work to integrate with İstanbul where is the meeting point and cultural capital of the world, meet all needs in terms of municipal works, fictionalize the relationships between human and space and also city and urban in the most beautiful way, make the people living in the county more productive and happier, be a place where people feels peace, happiness and sense of honor and to be an important county in the fields of sports, culture and arts.
    Esenler Municipality trying to build a new participatory and accountable Esenler where people generates new sources and use the resources efficiently, bases on the citizen satisfaction by emphasizing the human aspect of the city and everybody who lives there accept their county as their homes.

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