Born in Gölbaşı, Adıyaman on 1966. M. Tevfik Göksu completed his elementary education in Gölbaşı and his higschool between 1980-1985 at Gaziosmanpaşa Imam Hatip Lisesi in Istanbul. Later than he graduated from Yıldız Technical University Surveying Engineering Department in 1990. He also received his master degree in department of Labour Economics and İndustrial Relations from Istanbul University The School of Economics between 1991-1994. 

M. Tevfik Göksu who wanted to intensify on sociology as academicly started to his PhD program on sociology at Sakarya University and continued to study on political sociology. 

M. Tevfik Göksu who allways has been in active politics served as vice president of İstanbul provinence for refah and fazilet parties. M. Tevfik Göksu has maintained his liasion with NGO’s while working for politics and also were become president of MGV Marmara region and founder of İstanbul MGV.

M. Tevfik Göksu has membership of researchers association, technical employers association, ASKON and Foundation of Adıyaman also he has in good liasion with different NGO’s. Göksu prepared a lot of political propaganda concepts as well as civil society communication consultancy, local govermnets communiacion consutancy and he gave consulatncy to the bağcılar municipality mayorbetween 1992-2000. Also he contributed to the leading research company of Turkey. He has been selected as candidate for 2009 local goverments election by his party and he won the election with such a high percentage of 48. M. Tevfk Göksu has been selected again for the next term’s elections by his party and he collected 62.7% of votes out of whole electrorates. Göksu also become a candidate who rises his votes highest between local governers. He can speak english and arabic also he is married and have four kids.

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