City Writers and Academics Talked About 'City and Epidemic'!

Esenler Municipality City Thought Center organized the  III.  City Writers and Academics Meeting as online panels. At the meeting, academicians and writers who were experts in their fields expressed their ideas and thoughts on the reconstruction of the city after the coronavirus (COVID19). All sessions were broadcast live via the Zoom application.

The following sessions on 'City and Epidemic' were held at the III. City Authors and Academics Meetings, respectively:

  1. Architectural Structure of the City and Quarantine
  2. The City During Quarantine, Architectural Culture, and Home
  3. Family and Neighborhood Relations in Quarantine I
  4. Knowledge-based Society After Corona 
  5. New Normality After Epidemic I
  6. Ways to Cope with the Epidemic, and Non-governmental Organizations
  7. Economy and Livelihood in the Epidemic Period
  8. New Normality After Epidemic II 
  9. Family and Neihborhood Relations in Quarantine II 
  10. Epidemic and Future Perception of Youth 

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