‘Social Policy Management Guide of a City; Esenler Example’ is out now!

The management of a city requires considering many variables. One of these variables is social policy. Social policy is a factor with both narrow and broad meaning. Social policy, in its narrow sense, only focuses on business life and oriented to the effort of organizing worker-employer relations in business life. In the broadest sense, social policy is in the context of the solution to all social problems outside of working life. In this respect, all of the disadvantaged sections are broadly in the interest of social policy. In addition to its narrow and broad meanings, there may be social policies with actors that cross the country borders with the transnational sense.

The target of this research is to reply to this basic question. Answer initiative through the example "Istanbul Province Esenler District", a "Model Guide" will be in the form of creation for all Turkey. An important pillar of this type of initiative is semi-structured in-depth interviews with managers and fieldworkers of social policy in Esenler as field research. Primarily within this context, in this study summary chapters on social policy, its actors, and the situation in Turkey is presented. As the direct source on the subject is scarce, the screening of indirect sources is summarized. Eventually for the social policy actors, “Social Policy Management Guide of a City” is presented, which also based on the discoveries of the field study.

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