Mother University

There is a catchphrase in our country: "Education Begins at Home." However this is not carried into practice in general and we regard the school as sole responsible for education of our children. This helps parents to evade responsibility as well as prevents our inabilities concerning child rearing to show up. However, researches show that mother is a very important factor in education of children who are successful in educational and social life.

As we all know, mothers are considered as sacred beings and are respected highly in our country. However, family violence events have started to have wide media coverage in recent years. While family violence between spouses had had media coverage in previous years; children who use violence against their parents or parents who use violence against their children at young ages and against their babies started to appear often on media in recent years.

We hold our mothers and ourselves as responsible for the bad reputation of motherhood in recent years. Our mothers are going to try to improve themselves as far as they can and we are going to provide opportunity for them to improve themselves, to enhance their educational level and to learn how to communicate truly with their children.

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